Vastu, the science of architecture impacts our lives regularly in a wide range. When a Vastu-compliant home brings happiness and success to your life; a home that denies Vastu rules in many ways can be the cause of distress, unhappiness, and failure in your life. Therefore, it is good to visit a good Vastu consultant in Kolkata when you are about to build a new home or your home is undergoing a remodeling process. It will benefit you in all the ways that you have not thought of yet.

good vastu consultant in Kolkata helps you to know the prime rules for buying & designing home

 Rules from Good Vastu Consultant in Kolkata for your Home

An experienced Vastu consultant possesses deep knowledge about Vastu and its impact on structures. Home if it is built with Vastu rules (abiding by the five elements of nature), will only bring prosperity and happiness for the residents who dwell in it. Today, in this blog post we are going to discuss the prime rules that make a home healthy for living and welcoming success in every aspect.

  1. Directional Rules If you are about to buy a plot for your new home then try to buy an east or north-facing plot. Make sure, you design your home keeping in mind the entrance on the east or north. If you have bought already a west or south-facing plot, discuss with your Vastu consultant before designing your home.
  2. Rules for Shape: It would be better if you buy a plot in a square or rectangular shape. It is advised to avoid such plots which are oval, triangular, or circular. Plots that have all four corners are best to purchase according to Vastu Shastra.
  3. Color and Interior of Your Home: You should remember that dark colors bring and induce a negative impact on houses as well as on their residents. Thus, choose light colors to paint your home (walls, furniture, floor, ceiling, etc) to spread out positive energy at your home.
  4. Objects and Placement: It is said that objects that look odd and odd in shape are not favorable . It not only brings negative energy to your home but also increases the chances of accidents. So, choose objects/furniture for your home wisely according to Vastu and place them accordingly.

Putting it all together,

A good Vastu consultant in Kolkata does also cares for the placement of the kitchen, bathroom, staircase, and entrance of your home to ensure a good vibe of positive energy at your home. Try to keep your worshipping place in the northeast direction at your home for a great result. Find us on google map as Best Astrologer in Kolkata.


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