In order to see and seek advice from Mr. Bhattacharyya, you are required to take appointment and you can see him in accordance with that.

During making the appointment you will be informed about the fees and payment procedure.

You can call from 10 am to 10 pm every day, to make an appointment with Mr. Bhattacharyya in this number +91 75959 72664.

Mostly you can get fast results by remedies but nothing happens overnight. Also, the promptness depends on your circumstances, planetary positions, and your specific problem.

In general, you can get your specific person by Vashikaran. But again the time lag depends on your planetary positions in the chart and your specific circumstances.

Yes. Puja is certainly effective for everyone. This is due to the reason that we face adversities in life due to adverse planetary positions which are a part of mother nature. So it is always beneficial to worship the creator of mother nature.

Yes. You can get solutions of every problem through colour therapy. Certain colours can bring luck for you depending on your sun, moon and ascending sign, and planetary positions.

In case the clients cannot be physically present but want to get in touch with  Mr. Bhattacharyya, they can make an appointment for video calling and get detailed astrological advice.

Physical presence in the puja is obviously beneficial but not mandatory. For specific puja the clients will be provided with the requirements which they have to fulfill and puja will be done for their specific problem.

No. He gives astrological advice by reading horoscope and graphology.

No. Mr. Bhattacharyya gives Vastu remedies in a cost-effective manner. It does not require demolishing any part of the house.

Yes. You can request horoscope making with a detailed explanation and reading after visiting Mr. Bhattacharyya.

No, it’s not true for all. In general, people can use black things and it won’t bring bad luck. But depending on the natal chart, black is not a favorable colour for some people.

Mr. Bhattacharyya does not give emphasis on using gems, though gems can sometimes help to bring good luck. But there are many cost-effective remedies without using expensive gems to produce similar results. This is one of the reasons that Mr. Jayanta Bhattacharyya is considered to be the Best and Genuine Astrologer.