Shani dhaiya or Saturn/Shani is the planet to be blamed for all the bad things that happen to our lives. Is it so? Let us make it clear. According to astrology, a native is forced to go through a tough and challenging face if Saturn goes through his moon sign/4th/8th house. The transition of Saturn through the 4th and 8th house from the moon sign is called Shani Dhaiya. Natives who have been born with malefic Saturn in a birth chart are got badly impacted with Shani or Saturn Dhaiya. The good news is that there are Shani dhaiya remedies that can save you if Saturn is malefic in your birth chart.

shani dhaiya remedies

Shani Dhaiya Remedy Consultation

Shani Dhaiya remains for two and half years for each sign. During the period the native undergoes a hell of a lot of things if Saturn is malefic in his or her birth chart and placed in an enemy house, retrograde, or has a malefic planetary combination. At this juncture, you need to visit an astrologer for personalized Shani Dhaiya remedies. There are many benefits to visit an astrologer if you are looking for remedies to get rid of Shani.

  • A Genuine astrologer analyses your birth chart and placement of Saturn.
  • He will consider your current Dasha and Antar-Dasha to give the best and result-driven getting rid of Shani remedy.
  • He will consider the relationship of Saturn with your moon sign lord and predict remedy according to.

Shani Dhaiya affects each native uniquely. It certainly counts on the position Saturn holds in your birth chart and other divisional charts. Thus, it is way better to consult with an astrologer to deal with the tough effects of Shani. You can also opt for online shani puja consultation from Astrologer Jayanta Bhattacharyya for faster and effective results.

Common Saturn Dhaiya Remedies

Conversely, natives can try a few remedies (common remedies) at home to keep the Shani effects at bay until or unless an appointment of an astrologer is available.

  • Don’t consume non-veg and alcohol on Saturdays.
  • Don’t take salt with food on Saturdays.
  • Worship Shiva/Hanuman Ji/Vishnu to get a shield from evil eye of Saturn.
  • Donate a black dress, shoe, Urad daal, mustard, or mustard oil to the needy people on Saturday.
  • If possible then keep fast on Saturdays during Shani Dhaiya.

Last But Not Least,

If you really want to come on the good book of Saturn and save yourself from Shani then count only on good Karma. Saturn will benefit you.

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