Our Vastu Tips states Vastu Shastra, traditionally known as the Indian Science of Architecture, is 5000 years old. The literal translation of the term ‘Vastu Shastra’ is ‘science of construction’ and offers a detailed version of dos and don’ts for lands and constructed buildings.

According to vastu consultant in Kolkata, Vastu Shastra is essential to building a structure, from residential to commercial properties, and with the correct placement of the five elements, namely earth, water, air, fire, and space, owners can achieve prosperity and happiness. Let’s take a look at what the vastu consultants of Soahamparivar has to share with us:

Vastu Tips

List Of  Vastu Tips Which Bring Wealth In The House


1.  Kitchen

  • While the south-east direction of the kitchen is considered idyllic, bright colour combinations help activate the fire elements.
  • You can choose from shades of yellow, light pink, peach, or brown to brighten this area of the house. It would help if you avoid the shades of black or red. 
  • As the food we eat gives energy, it must be prepared in a positive environment. Hence, the cook must face East while cooking to ensure good health.


2. Bedroom

  • Keep the bed, especially in the master bedroom, towards the south or west direction. This ensures your legs face towards north or east direction. It helps in improving mental well-being, brings prosperity, and even improves the quality of sleep.
  • Mirrors must never face the bed, which means one should not have the reflection of them while sleeping. Hence, place them on the north or west wall.
  • Choose colours which indicate warmth, ambition, peace, and stability such as red or pink, orange, white, and brown.


3.  Washroom

  • Toilets and bathrooms must face the north-west direction of the home and never share a wall of the kitchen or the Pooja room and they should also not be placed under the stairs.
  • Avoid constructing the toilet in any other position than the west or north-west, as it is used to discard waste.
  • Correct colour schemes for toilets are light pastel shades like pink, grey and light blue.



As per traditional philosophy, every object in a house brings in energy, positive or negative, and the person living their dwells on that particular energy. If contrary, it leads to losses, failures in relation, bad monetary deals, and much more and if positive, it could bring happiness, enlightenment, and productivity. Hence, it is important to focus on key Vastu elements of our Vastu Tips for healthy and happy homes

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