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Are you facing a lot of troubles in life? Want to get rid of them? Contact the best astrologer in Serampore, Jayanta Bhattacharyya. Get through prediction along with complete analysis of your birth chart both online and offline. Life is supposed to be filled with both happiness and sorrows. The hardships get enhanced when you fall prey to some negative energy due to the fatal planetary positions. Astrologer Jayanta Bhattacharyya can help you understand these problems and provide a remedy to them.

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What You Can Get From Famous Online Astrologer in Serampore?

Take a look at the good astrologer in serampore services that astrologer Jayanta Bhattacharyya can help you with:

1. Panchang

Panchang means five limbs i.e., naal, tithi, nakshatram, yogam and Karanam. and is a very useful Hindu astrological guide. A customised panchang is made based on the date time and place of a person and based on the position of different planets, Jayanta Bhattacharyya top astrologer in Serampore provides to his clients’ information about the auspicious time to start a particular work, travel, purchase a new asset or start a new venture.

2. Horoscope

The birth chart of a person is prepared based on the time, place and date and this astrological chart is known as horoscope. Astrological advice is provided based on the persons zodiac sign. The position of the sun at the time when one is born determines the zodiac sign of a person. Top Astrologer in Serampore – Mr. Jayanta Bhattacharyya guides one about oneself as these signs play a vital role in one’s overall personality. horoscopes.

3. Kundali

Astrological experts prepare a graphical representation of the planetary positions of the person at the time of birth. Future predictions based on the present planetary positions are made. 

The calculations are based on the movements of the planets, their transition, and the corresponding psychological and environmental effects on the individual.