Get Designed Your House By A Vastu Shastra Consultant

Now you have a unique opportunity to design and build houses according to Vastu Shastra Consultant. This is an ancient teaching about the harmony of space and how it affects you.

For each person, the well-known aspects of life are important – family, money, health, and self-realization. The correct organization of space helps to establish all areas of life. When all spheres of a person’s life are in balance, his life proceeds favorably, and desires are fulfilled quickly.

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The influence of space on a person stated

From the moment you are born, you are influenced by the locality in which you were born, the house in which you grew up. These are the conditions that shape your consciousness, your comfort, desires, opportunities, needs.

If the house is built according to the vastu sastra rules, all aspects of a person’s life are in harmony at the same time and constantly. In this case, all sectors of the house and the site must be oriented strictly to the cardinal points. If any of the sectors corresponding to the cardinal points is missing in the dwelling, aspects corresponding to these cardinal points will also be absent in the life of the home owners. For example-

  • The east is responsible for the energy of transformation and allows you to have free time and money, the correct vision of the situation.
  • The southeast is responsible for life satisfaction, the ability to have and make efforts.
  • South is for patience, perseverance, the ability to build a career.
  • Southwest is for the ability to manage your life, the accumulation of results.
  • The West is for stability, relations.
  • Northwest is for tranquility.
  • north is for income, opportunities and abilities, feminine energy

Perfect home

If you find yourself in the right dwelling according to Vastu Shastra, most likely you will feel inexplicable comfort and harmony. It will be calm and pleasant to be there. Entering such a room, you may even get the feeling “something has changed in life”.

Conclusion: Take consultation with vastu specialist

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