Know Related Facts of Tantra from Best Tantrik Baba in Kolkata

In today’s scientific age, tantra of best Tantrik baba in Kolkata is either considered being an ancient science that has disappeared or people are afraid of it considering it as black magic.  Considering tantra as a science in the scriptures, it has been described as a complete law and order, on the basis of which natural forces work. According to the expert of tantra, the origin of this knowledge has been given in ancient books.

What is Tantra – Facts related to tantra which you have never heard before!


Today we are going to tell you what is tantra and how it works.

  1. The earliest mention of tantra is an Atharvaveda. The knowledge of tantra was first given by Lord Shiva. It was he who composed tantras, mantras and instruments for the welfare of the world. Later on, tantra was divided into three parts: Agama, Yamal and Tantra. Over time, Dakshina Marga and middle Marga also became prevalent in Tantra.
  2. In tantra, every living being and thing in the world including its own body is considered as a living and capable entity, which contains life energy. The vital energy present in living beings and objects is used for its personal use, following the law of tantra.
  3. Tantra actually works with the combination of mind, yoga and mantra. In this, along with the concentration of the mind, lyrical mantras are used. The seeker develops the ability to get the desired work done through tantra by chanting the mantras related to his presiding deity and with the concentration of the mind.
  4. In tantra sadhana, six shatkarmas named Mohanam, Stamnam, Vidveshan, Uchtan, Vashikaran and Maran have been told. These Shatkarmas should never be used for any harm. Apart from these Shatkarmas, Yoga Vidya, Chemistry has also been considered as a part of Tantra science.
  5. Many people use tantra to become powerful by achieving siddhis. For this, many people also do experiments like yaksha sadhana, to control ghosts and jinn which are wrong. People who use tantra without proper guidance either lose their mental balance or become frustrated due to mental confusion.

Now you have a basic idea about how tantra and tantra science works. So if you are suffering from a bad time and you have tried one and another path to stay away from it but all of your efforts are getting wasted day by day, then just contact the best Tantrik Baba in Kolkata Jayanta Bhattacharyya. After knowing your issues, He will provide tantra remedies to his client as per the problem.

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