Rahu Dasha can pacify malefic effects but, the “Rahu” shadow planet is responsible for our desire, mental happiness, ability to take a firm decision, to earn easy money, to win the lottery, and to name a few. When benefic Rahu can confer unlimited happiness, luxury, and success to a native, malefic Rahu brings disaster in life. No one can give you an idea that how much an inflicted or malefic Rahu can cause to you if you are born with malefic Rahu. But, you can get rid of the ill effects of Rahu if you follow the right Rahu Dasha Nirvaran upay or Rahu Dosha Nirvaran remedy.

Rahu Dasha

Bad Impacts of Rahu Dasha

In general, Rahu takes one and half years to transit through each of the zodiac signs or houses. Malefic Rahu impacts natives in many ways. Some of the signs that sharply indicate your Rahu is malefic are,

  • Sudden loss in business and wealth
  • Mental disturbance and restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Issues in marriage
  • Instability in jobs
  • Loss in share market
  • Accident
  • Strain in reputation
  • Struggle to achieve success in career
  • Struggle to complete higher studies
  • Serious issues with in-laws
  • Miscarriage

So, if you are experiencing one or more than one issue highlighted above then you need to have the customized Rahu Dasha Nivaran Upay as soon as possible.

Rahu Dasha/Dosha Mukti Remedies

Rahu Mahadasah goes on for long 18 years. During this time, a native with bad Rahu or bad placement of Rahu may suffer from different consequences if he or she does not take precautions at the right time. You can count on certain tips until your turn to meet with your astrologer comes. Let us have a look at the common remedies to nullify the ill effect of Rahu Dasha or Dosha,

  • Apply a paste of white sandalwood on your forehead every day
  • Worship Lord Shiva or Rama or Maa Chinnamasta
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa at home every day
  • Keep fast on Monday, do Abhishek of Lord Shiva with Bael/Bilva Patra and milk, and light a lamp in the temple of Shiva
  • You can donate barley or sesame oil to the needy.

During puja or fast, don’t take non-veg meals and don’t consume alcohol or tobacco. If you want to get good results from remedies then restrain yourself from evil or wrong practices to earn easy money. Never harm others.

Wrapping Up,

You can visit Astrologer Jayanta Bhattacharyya for a personalized Rahu Dasha/Dosha Nivaran remedy. Even, you can take an online consultation for personalized Rahu Dasha Nivaran Upay.

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