Why aren’t you getting the benefits of fortune even after holding expensive planetary gems/gemstones? | By Astrologer Jayanta Bhattacharyya


I have been practicing astrology for over 22 years. Now and I have seen a lot of clients who are always afraid regarding gemstones. That they are being cheated. Ordinary people’s common question is, ‘will this remedy work??’


Now the question is whether that remedy would be effective for the Jatak or Jatika if it is certified by the Gem testing laboratory only. My opinion on this is – NO. Because the purity of the stone can be determined by the certificate. But as long as it is not activated in accordance with the scriptural norms, methods, or variants, keeping in mind the position of the birth time or the planetary constellation of the native or the planetary abnormality or its severity, its astrological value is practically zero. Even if the stone is worth millions of rupees, it will not help you in any way. But if you purify it in a scriptural way and hold it. It will surely become your working gems and help your good fortune.

How to activate the gemstones to reduce the malefic effects of planets on the individual?

How to activate the gemstones to reduce the malefic effects of planets on the individual

According to the scriptures, each gem should be refined before you wear it. The following is a list of the most common types of refinement procedures that can be done to energize the gemstone.


  • Rahu’s remedy should be refined in ‘Panchamrit’.
  • The remedy for Mars should be purified in lime water.
  • Mercury’s remedy should be purified with pure cow’s milk.
  • The remedy for Jupiter should be purified in ‘Panchamrit’.
  • Venus remedy should be purified in Swertia (chirata) water.
  • The remedy of Saturn should be purified with aparajita flower juice.
  • Sun’s remedy should be purified in Ganges water.
  • The remedy for the moon should be purified in ‘Panchamrit’.
  • Ketu’s remedy should be purified with sesbania sesban (jayanti) leaf juice.

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